Best 72 Inch Basketball Hoop Reviews In 2021 (Top 5)

Basketball is actually one of the very few sports that you can enjoy almost anywhere. It does not matter if it is a backyard, park, college ground, or a driveway; you would see players playing basketball everywhere. But some vital things make basketball excellent and enjoyable anywhere.

That thing is the basketball hoop itself! If there is not a sturdy and exceptional basketball hoop available, it can ruin your experience. Most of the players choose 72 Inch basketball hoop to have multiple options for using their techniques and broad space for rebounds. But it depends on the playing style and experience of the players.

That is why it is crucial to get a basketball goal that can make your playing experience far better than the previous ones. As you might know, basketball goals are expensive, and not everyone can spend vast sums of bucks every year. So it is best to get one best basketball goal that can serve for years without any significant issues and problems.

For that, you will surely have to spend some hours looking out for the best possible hoops for your preferences. But don’t worry; we have unquestionably got you covered with our team of professionals! We have compiled some of the best possible 72-inch basketball system available on the internet that can make your experience better than ever. But before that, let’s have a look at some important things to consider while buying a basketball system.

5 Important Factors to consider while choosing Hoop

Everything comes with some specific features and functions, and it is essential to know what they are and what benefits those features can offer you. The same scenario goes for hoops, and you will have to keep some things in mind to get a perfect product according to your preferences. If you don’t keep these things in mind, you might have to face certain problems with your basketball hoop that can surely ruin your playing experience.

Let’s see what these things are:

The Size

These come in different backboard sizes, and the players can choose any size they want. Most professional basketball players go for the 72-inch BB hoop, but you can go for the smaller sizes if you are new to basketball or learn different things.

The backboard material

If you don’t want the backboard of your basketball shattered within days, then choose a better quality for its material. The backboards come with tempered glass, acrylic, and some other materials, and it only depends on you to choose one.


It is vital to check if the it is adjustable and if it can adjust its height or not.


If you like to move your basketball hoop from one point to another in your backyard or driveway, then go for the portable one.

Reliability and Durability

Check out its pole material if it is weatherproof. You can also inspect the net and ring quality to check if it will last long or not.

Quick Overview

Top 72 Inch Basketball Hoops to Buy in 2021

Let’s get started with our list and see what these fascinating products can offer!

1. Pro Dunk Platinum – 

Pro Dunk Platinum 72 Inch In-Ground Basketball Hoop

The Pro Dunk Platinum 72 Inch In-Ground Goal has excellent features for the players looking to enhance their skills through real practice. The hoop comes with the 72-inch backboard, as mentioned in the title, and can offer wide space for the players’ prop moves.

The material integrated into the backboard is tempered glass so that the players can get premium rebounding effects. The brand claims that the thickness of the tempered glass is about ½ inch, and that is why it cannot be shattered with ease. If you are a player who plays with full strength and enthusiasm, you will not have to worry about breaking the backboard of your basketball hoop.

There is a thing in this basketball system that might seem inconvenient to some players, but it can be a blessing for some. That particular feature is that this basketball is In-Ground.

This means that you cannot move it anywhere you want around your driveway. If you have cemented it in one place, it will be there as long as you forcefully break it down. But In-Ground goals provide premium stability and sturdiness to the players.

You will never feel any unbalancing or shuttering in Pro Dunk Platinum because of its structure. The company has integrated a massive 8×6 inch one-piece pole that is also coated with weather armor.

All of the other components are also galvanized to last long and offer their services for a reasonable amount of time. The players can also adjust its height as they want.

The hoop can be adjusted from 5.5 feet so that all players can adjust it as per their preference. A heavy-duty ring and its net are also provided to bear pro dunks without affecting them a bit.

  • 72-inch backboard
  • Thick Tempered Glass
  • Weather armor
  • Durable Pole
  • Height Adjustable
  • Premium rings and net
  • Sporty looks
  • Galvanized Components
  • Stainless Steel hardware used
  • Not portable
  • Heavy

2. ProGoal – 

72 Inch Garage Mounted Basketball Hoop 

The ProGoal Garage mounted system is one of the very few that offers premium features to the users. It comes with a unique telescoping frame that can be adjusted as a user wants without hassles. It is vital for a garage-mounted hoop to offer adjustability to the users.

If not, it can create enormous hassles for the players. It can also be used for gymnasium type gameplays where the space is limited or compact. The rim of this garage mounted hoop can also be adjusted with ease. Users are allowed to modify the rim from anywhere between 7.5′ and 10′.

Players have to use the external compression height mechanism to adjust the rims, and it will be adjusted in no time. This variant is integrated with the 72 Inch backboard to offer the users a realistic experience that they can’t have in other sizes. The backboard frame is made of steel so that the players won’t have to worry about its durability.

If we talk about the actual material of the backboard, it comes with tempered glass. Most players prefer tempered glass over any other material because of the rebounding effects and pro moves that they can efficiently perform on that.

The overall structure of this hoop is weatherproof as it is made up of stainless steel. Another best thing about this goal is that all of its preferences can be adjusted from below. Users will not have to carry a ladder to change the rim or board; instead, they can adapt it from below the hoop.

  • Spring Breakaway Rim
  • Adjustable Rim
  • Steel Structure
  • Tempered Glass
  • Adjustable backboard
  • Everything can be adjusted from down below with the removable crank handle
  • Reliable Bracket
  • Weatherproof structure
  • Durable Net
  • Complicated rim adjustability
  • A bit pricy

3. Goalrilla FT Series

Goalrilla FT Series 72 Inch Basketball Hoop

I don’t really know who came up with this brand’s name, but it is unique and appealing. Not only its name, but the features of Goalrila FT are classy too. This basketball system is implemented with all the necessary features a player would want.

This hoop comes with 72 Inch backboard, which is integrated with the tempered glass. The big 72 Inch blackboard can help you offer vast space to practice your new techniques and skills. The tempered glass combined in it enhances your abilities and skills because of its nature and effects.

This basketball goal has a heavyweight flex rim that can last multiple years without any problems. The rim integrated into it is also flexible due to the spring technology and won’t break due to the pressure applied.

The Goalrilla FT has offered a durable one-piece pole that can easily bear all its components. Basketball players can also feel the legit sturdiness and balanced experience due to the single pole and durable structure.

The height or the size of this hoop can also be adjusted as per the users’ preferences. Most of the players prefer to go in a short size to practice more freely. But if you are a pro or experienced player, you can set the basketball hoop height as you want.

It is an in-ground hoop, and you will have to concrete it to get a sturdy experience. Once integrated, you will have to dig to get it out of the ground.

  • 72 Inch backboard
  • Tempered Glass material
  • Single Pole
  • Pole height adjustable
  • Flexible Rim
  • Adjustable Rim
  • Durable Structure
  • Stable design
  • Anchor System
  • Time-consuming installation
  • Might require extra components for integration

4. Gared All Pro Jam 

Gared All Pro Jam 72 Inch Basketball System

If you are all up to spend quite a money on your basketball hoop, then what better choice can you get than a Gared All Pro Jam System.

This comes with 72 Inch backboard. Not only that, Gared offers its products in almost all of the standard sizes. But if you want the basketball’s real experience, then it is recommended to go for the 72 Inch basketball hoop. Gared’s overall frame is also durable and will not be affected by rain or heat.

The best thing that the brand has done with this system is that they have integrated a heavy-duty breakaway rim. A basketball hoop needs to have a durable rim, or else it would break down by the players’ pressure and dunks.

This variant comes with a single pole to increase the overall stability of this hoop. Players can also adjust its height as they want. Changing the size can be convenient for most players as it alters the challenges needed by the basketball players.

If we talk about the rim net, it is made up of nylon. Nylon can bear the heat and the rain for many years, and you will not have to replace the net now and then. This particular variant is in-ground, which means that the players will have to cement it to start the play.

It might take some take in the integration, but the sturdiness and balanced gameplay will surely tell its worth. Because of the in-ground structure, the players will not be able to move the hoop quickly, so make sure to integrate this where you will not have to change its location from time to time.

  • 72 Inch backboard
  • Tempered Glass Used
  • Stable
  • Nylon net
  • Heavy Duty Breakaway rim
  • Steel structure
  • Weatherproof
  • Adjustable Height
  • Expensive
  • Too heavy to integrate

5. First Team Storm Arena 

72 Inch Portable Basketball Hoop 

First Team Storm Arena Portable System is the only one in our list that is portable and can offer great features. If you are searching out for a basketball hoop that you can easily drag around and play basketball wherever you want, then this variant can help you out.

First Team Storm Arena comes with 72 Inch glass backboard to offer bogger space to the users. The brand has implemented a glass backboard instead of the acrylic material to provide better rebound and motion.

Players can also adjust this system as they want without worrying about anything. But there is a limit to the height adjustment. You can go from 6′ to 10′ as per your preferences. First Team Storm Arena is also integrated with a durable and reliable rim that won’t fade due to the heat. Players can slam the ball full of their strengths, and it won’t budge due to its material.

There is also a nylon net, and the best thing about it is that it won’t tear down within a few days. The overall structure of the hoop is heavy-duty, and it can stand all of the weather without affecting the body. You can even leave this in your backyard or driveway, and there will be no effect on it.

This is not like the standard portable basketball hoops where users have to fill in the base. But this basketball hoop is attached with massive four-wheeler support that makes it stable and sturdy and makes it easy to drag.

  • Tempered Glass
  • Durable Rim
  • Reliable Nylon Net
  • Portable
  • Massive Support
  • Easily draggable
  • Weatherproof body
  • Height Adjustable
  • Different colors available
  • Too heavy to drag
  • Needs vast space

Final Verdict

In the end, we all want a good basketball experience with our friends and family. The experience that could make us a better player and offer the excitement that we all want. But all of these things are not possible without the right basketball hoop.

That is why you will have to choose the right product, whether it is garage mounted, in-ground, or portable. This will help you to play basketball as you want and enhance your basketball skills as a professional.

So take a look at your preferences, see what you like and in what environment you like to play, and then decide the basketball hoop for your needs.

If you have any question let us know via comments.

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