Best 60 Inch Portable Basketball Hoop Reviews In 2021 (Top 4)

Are you an extreme basketball fan? Is playing basketball the highlight of your day and the essence of your life? But are you tired of subclass basketball hoops that are unfit for a satisfying playing experience?

So, for this purpose, the 60 inch portable basketball hoops might be a perfect addition to the driveway of your house for spending quality basketball game time.

The quality of the portable goals rivals the professional basketball hoops, which makes them very popular outdoor playing equipment.

Investing in a 60-inch portable hoop could be a perfect way to create memories together with your friends. It will also work as exercising equipment to improve health.

There are oodles of categories in basketball systems, making it difficult to find the right one.

For this reason, below is the list of top 4 premium picks of a 60-inch portable hoops that can be an excellent choice for someone, who can’t afford to buy a 60 Inch in-ground goal.

So, if you want a more in-depth analysis, then keep on reading.

Quick Overview

Best 60 Inch Portable Basketball Hoop Reviews 2021

1. Spalding NBA – 

Spalding NBA 60 Inch Portable Basketball System

The Spalding NBA system might not be the top-notch one in the market in terms of versatile performance. But, it doesn’t mean it lacks any impressive features. Not only that, the Basketball system comes at an affordable price-tag as well.

Talking about the stability, and durability of the NBA basketball system, it is matchless as compared to the other portable systems in the market. Hoop frame is made from a steel material that gives it the strength to survive. Whereas, the acrylic material on the backboard is best for providing durability.

What’s the best part? The hoop comes with a breakaway rim, so it can be used if you want to dunk. It is also equipped with a handle, which enables it to adjust the height of the pole and makes it a fantastic product for people of different sizes.

Spalding NBA’s weight is 100 pounds and it has two wheels for mobility, which makes it very portable. The product is your best bet as it is a very sturdy design so it will last quite a long time. Moreover, this product has several hundred glowing reviews from its satisfied customers, making it a reliable option.

Last but not least, Spalding NBA is a perfect choice in every way except for two issues. It isn’t easy and takes a lot of time while assembling. Other than that, there is no problem with this goal.

  •  The black color gives it a professional look.
  •  The breakaway rim of the hoop enables the product to be used for dunking.
  •  It is made of a sturdy material, which makes it a durable option for outdoor purposes.
  • It requires a lot of time to assemble.

2. Spalding Acrylic Ultimate Hybrid –

60 Inch portable basketball hoop

This system by the Spalding brand is a trusted option as it has every feature of a high-quality product. It is available in black color and has a design that looks nothing less than professional.

Thanks to the 60-inch size and the 16-inch offset of the product that gives the players an experience of playing in an arena. The steel alloy material is used in making the frame, adding maximum stability to its structure. In contrast, For the backboard, the acrylic material is one of the reasons that makes it resistant.

Spalding Ultimate Hybrid is equipped with a rim that will enable you to dunk as well, while the detachable handle is used for adjusting the height of the pole. For the base of the hoop, a mixture of sand and water is required.

For assembling, the product comes with the user manual, and in case you don’t want to assemble it, you can also ask for the installer while purchasing it from the company.

The weight of the Spalding Ultimate Hybrid is 154 pounds and it comes in a single box. The product is very sturdy, so buying it is an investment for the property. Moreover, it is a trendy choice among the people and also has a spot in the list of Amazon’s best-selling outdoor sports equipment.

Although it includes every feature of a high-quality product, some people are not fond of the price tag of the product. Apart from that, there is absolutely no issue with it.

  • The quality of the goal matches with the ones that are used in basketball arenas.
  • It is easy to assemble and also doesn’t take a lot of time.
  •  The hoop can be used for dunking.
  • It is a bit on the pricier side, so not an option for everyone.

3. Spalding The Beast

Spalding The Beast 60 Inch Portable Basketball Goal

As the name suggests “beast”, this hoop from Spalding is none other than the beast in terms of exemplary features and whatnot.

What’s the interesting part? The 60 inch backboard with a huge 55 gallon-base is some of the best features that add value to the product.

As for stability, the steel frame material is used, which is incredible. For mobility purposes, it embeds 4 wheels that allow for a perfect move.

Moving on to the backboard of the hoop, the padding style has got all the eyes. It is somewhat similar to professional hoops, which are internationally used in NBA matches.

One of the most interesting things is the screw jack system, which lets you easily adjust the height according to the age group’s height.

The hoop comes with a pro image rim to be used if you want to dunk. Besides, if we talk about the weight of the beast, it is 174.18 pounds, and the whole product is delivered in one package. So, if mobility is your main purpose then nothing beats this beast glass portable hoop.

Another cool feature is, the user manual, which comes with the product, has detailed instructions, which make it easy to assemble. Furthermore, the reviews from its satisfied customers are more than enough for making it a viable option.

The Beast is perfect in every regard except that the backboard is made of easily breakable glass material. Apart from that, it offers flawless performance.

  • The four wheels attached at the bottom of the hoop make it easy to move around.
  • The sheer size of this goal gives an experience of playing in an arena.
  • The backboard glass material is fragile, so it may need frequent replacements.

4. First Team Rampage

60 Inch Portable Basketball System

Hands down, to the reputable brand, when it comes to manufacturing high-quality goals. Their 60-inch basketball hoop has a 16-inch offset, and its front base and bottom are covered with vinyl padding, which helps protect the players.

It is available in black color and the design gets all the praise. The hoop has a flexible rim, which allows it to be used for dunking, and the handle at the back of the hoop, allowing you to modify the height based on your preferences.

Thankfully, the lifetime warranty can be a life-saver option for you. Unfortunately, if any damage happens to the hoop then you can claim the warranty, get it ensured, and it will revive back to its previous shape. That’s amazing, isn’t it?

Being one of the most high-rated products, it has won the hearts of many basketball enthusiasts. The indispensable features are all you need for a sturdy, portable, and reliable hoop.

If we talk about the features of this basketball system, it’s currently the best in the market without having any single doubt. Moreover, there’s a small caveat in it. The wheels are not attached to it, so it cannot be easily carried around. If it is not an issue for you, then it is an option worth considering.

  • The handle can be used to adjust its height.
  • The product has excellent reviews that are enough to make a decision.
  • This goal also comes with a lifetime warranty, so you don’t have to worry in case you face any issue.
  • There are no wheels attached at the bottom.

Things to Consider While Buying Goals


This is the most crucial feature, as the basketball system’s durability directly depends on it. For the frame, steel is a perfect choice as it is a very sturdy and resilient material that can last quite a long time. Moreover, also check whether the hoop is covered with anything to prevent rusting or not.


This is another vital part of the basketball goal as it determines whether the product can be used for dunking or not. There are two types of rims; breakaway and static. The static rim can’t be used for dunking, so it is suitable if you don’t want to dunk, while on the other hand, the breakaway feature is suitable if you’re going to dip as it can withstand the weight of the players.


When buying, the finish of the hoop should be considered. The basketball hoops are available in two different types of finishes, and these are paint and powder. The paint finishing is not a suitable option as it chips away with time while the powder coating lasts quite a long time. So, while you are looking for the basketball hoop, look for the one that has powder coating on it.

The material of Net

Nylon is the most premium fabric for the hoop net and is even used in the hoops of the NBA. So, you should also purchase the hoop that uses this fabric in the net.

Led light

Led light is a handy feature in a BB hoop as it will allow you to play outside even during the night, so look for this feature as well.


What is the standard diameter size of the hoop rim?

The rim of the hoop comes in many different sizes, but the standard diameter of the hoop is 18 inches and is suitable for both kids and grown-ups, so when you want to purchase a basketball hoop, look for the hoop within this size range.

What are the different types of basketball hoops?

There are three different types of basketball balls. Their names are mentioned below:

Each type of hoop is designed for different purposes, so it depends on what kind of hoop design is suitable for you.

How to choose the size?

The size should be decided according to the size of the area where you intend to put it. For instance, for small spaces, a 48-inch basketball hoop is more than enough, but for areas more extensive than that a 60-inch and 72 Inch goal might be more suitable.

What material is used in filling the base of the hoop?

The base of the hoop is filled with either sand or water, but the best choice is the one that is recommended in the user manual of the product. Otherwise, it can affect the durability of the basketball hoop.


Technology has replaced everything. It has also changed the priority of the people as they have stopped giving importance to outdoor activities. If you are one of those people, then a basketball hoop for your home is a great choice to consider as you can have all the fun at home without going out. But there are several different options; hence it isn’t easy to choose the most suitable one.

In order to help select the right option, a list of a few best 60-inch portable basketball goals is mentioned. All of them are great so that you can choose any one of them.

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