Best Outdoor Basketball Shoes In OCT 2021 (Top 13)

If you love outdoors and you love to play basketball, then you must be aware that playing basketball on outdoor courts is not the same as it is on indoor courts.

A sole that is made for indoor might not perform very well on outdoor surfaces.

It is due to the material, grips, shape, and many other things of the shoes can drastically change your experience while playing outdoors. That is why it is really important to check out what type of shoes you are going to buy.

If you are finding some great ones for outdoor use, check the list below and pick the best one according to your preferences.

Here are some of the signs of the best outdoor basketball shoes:

  • You have a more solid and durable rubber outsole to meet a more rugged and rough surface.
  • The traction patterns are deep to avoid the surface fraying their edges.
  • This kind of shoe should be a mix of better lockdown and breathability.

Best Outdoor Basketball Shoes Reviews For 2021

Without further ado, here is the review.

1. Nike LeBron Soldier XI – 

Most Durable Outdoor Basketball shoes
LeBron has always been one of Nike’s most famous lines of basketball sneakers. What makes this one so important, is a piece of innovation lockdown feature. Considering all the fan following for LeBron series, it is pretty much understood that this shoe is widely appreciated.

Let us take a look at the most promising features of this product.

Innovative Lockdown 

Instead of opting for this lacing or that hidden cable lacing system, Nike introduced 4 hook and loop Velcro straps that go from toes to collar and thus provide a really lockdown.


As explained earlier, a good outdoor basketball shoe must have really good traction. Take this shoe for example; it has a solid and translucent outer sole with a strong triangular traction pattern on it.

Better traction unquestionably offers more support and grip to the players, which can really improve their playing style. If you don’t want to lose your balance while playing outside, this shoe can really help you out with its amazing pattern.


Nike has got this Air Zoom technology that is based on an air compressed unit of tensile fibers. Every time when you press your foot on the midsole, these tensile fibers compress and the air gives quick bounce that helps you have that springing effect that is needed to dunk a hoop.

Btw we have already compiled a Post Having Only Cushioned BB sneakers.


The upper material of Nike LeBron Soldier 11 is ballistic nylon mesh. This kind of mesh is known for maximum durability and abrasion resistance that you cannot expect from cheap quality mesh. The toe and sides of the shoe are made of synthetic leather.

This was it about features, let us take a look at the drawbacks of this product.

Sole Pattern 

There isn’t anything wrong with the triangular pattern on the sole of this shoe, but in some wearers’ opinion, it could have been better to have the herringbone pattern that is known for its stronger grip.


You cannot do anything about people who think that a lacing system connected with cables beneath the upper material offers a better lockdown. So, yes, there are a few people who do not really like the hook and loop lockdown.

  • Innovative Lockdown with Hook and Loop Straps
  • Solid Rubber Sole with Triangular Pattern
  • Air Zoom Cushion
  • Ballistic Nylon Mesh Upper
  • Herringbone Pattern Missing
  • Laces with Internal Cables Offer Better Lockdown

Bottom Line 

As you can see, there were no real cons or problems that I could find with this product. I had to rely on minor differences and opinions shown by customers. This shoe is a real fresh breeze of change due to its innovative lockdown and definitely traction is good enough for outdoor courts.

2. Under Armour ClutchFit Drive 2 – 

best budget outdoor basketball shoes

Under Aemoour’s ClutchFit Drive 2 is known for its strong lockdown and a type of fitting that can be best described as a “clutch fit”. People who always complain loose toe boxes and poor lockdowns, would love to buy this one.

Here are some of the most inspiring features.


This shoe should be known as one most effective outdoor basketball sneakers, because of its outer sole. This sole has a multi-directional herringbone pattern, that is used by almost all big manufacturers.


ClutchFit Drive 2’s cushioning depends on marvelous foam of its midsole. The foam is definitely better than its previous version and it turns impact energy into a much needed bounce with ease and perfection. While the midsole’s cushion is so firm, a soft and thick Micro G insole makes it easy for wearer to feel comfortable.


The snug fit that this shoe is known for, comes from the ClutchFit lockdown of it. With a thick and durable upper material and a firm fitting, this shoe leaves little to no space for your toes to wander here and there.


Something better happened to this shoe; unlike the previous version of ClutchFit, this shoe does not come with an unbreathable material; Under Armour rather opted for a combo of mesh and synthetic leather. The former helps with breathability and the later provides a snug fit and protects the toe box and sides of this shoe.

Now here’s the detail of most mention-worthy drawbacks.

Not Suitable for People with Broader Toes 

To offer a snug-fit and real good lockdown, Under Armour made this shoe almost unfit for people with broader toes. They feel that the shoe’s toe box is very narrow. This leads to pain, bruises and blistering.

Insufficient Breathability

While they added mesh to the shoe and it is not as unbreathable as it used to be in previous version, some players still complain that shoe gets hot and unbreathable after a few hours of playing.

  • Multi-Directional Herringbone Pattern
  • Good Cushioning on Midsole and Insole
  • Tight Fit Lockdown
  • Mesh and Synthetic Leather Material
  • Tight Toe Box
  • Insufficient Breathability

Bottom Line

Under Armour’s ClutchFit Drive 2 is a mixed bag of everything. While its snug fit toe box is good for those who have narrow toes and want a better lockdown, people with wider toes would mostly find it bad for their toes. The best thing about this shoe is multi-directional herringbone pattern: much needed for good traction in outdoors.

3. Adidas Crazy Explosive – 

cheap outdoor basketball shoes

Adidas Crazy Explosive got many basketball loving youngsters crazy after it. If there was a style scale of 1 to 10, I bet that most of people rated this shoe at least 9. However, it is known more for its strong traction and soft cushioning.

Here are some of its most amazing features.


Adidas’ Crazy Explosive has a translucent rubber sole. The pattern is a power pattern designed digitally for this shoe. The pattern is made of different shapes such as circles, straight lines and curved lines. Although not as good as herringbone pattern, this pattern provides good traction.


Adidas Crazy Explosive has really good cushioning because of the full length Boost midsole. Boost is Adidas’ cushioning technology. Boost is consisted of TPU – the micro cells of TPU compress under pressure (which provides good shock absorption) and then bounce back to the original shape. As a result, you get the much needed launching that you need to dunk a hoop


Adidas Crazy Explosive is innovative in so many ways; take lockdown as an example of that. Adidas Crazy Explosive used GeoFit Bootie, which is a foam construction that conforms to your unique foot as you break in this shoe. What you get is a glove-like fit, which is tight and yet comfortable.


This shoe has a unique upper material – called neoprene. It is not used in many other basketball sneakers. While neoprene is mostly used for a strong lockdown, it has breathable membranes due to which it is somewhat breathable. A layer of TPU provides extra protection from toe box to heel.

And, now let us take a look at the problematic areas that we found.

Unimpressive Lacing System

The lacing system of this shoe is rather disappointing. Not only it does not cover much of the shoe’s upper (and thus fails to support lockdown), but the eyelets happen to come off after a few weeks or month(s).

Insufficient Breathability 

Because there are no perforations made in neoprene and because neoprene is insufficiently breathable, it is an obvious conclusion that in terms of breathability, this shoe is almost a failure. This leads to concentration of bacteria and blisters.

  • Digitally Designed Power Pattern
  • Full-Length Boost Midsole
  • GeoFit Bootie Lockdown
  • Neoprene Adds to Strong Lockdown
  • Problems with Lacing System
  • Not Much Breathable

Bottom Line 

If you’re someone who prefers waterproof shoes over breathability, you must go for these sneakers because not only they have amazing traction and cushioning, but they are more waterproof than breathable. However, the most important reason why I would skip them, is very limited breathability.

4. Under Armour Drive 4 – 

top rated outdoor basketball shoes

Under Armour’s Drive 4 is one of the most famous sneakers made by the brand – so much so that it is considered a flagship product of UA. And this is definitely not without good reasons. For starters, this is the shoe that you need if you are hell bent on good traction shoes.

Let’s take a look at its best features.


UA’s Drive 4 has a solid rubber sole to stand even the most rugged basketball court and the classic herringbone pattern on this outer sole provides the wearer a multi-directional maneuverability. Not only the grooves between the pattern design enable the sole with solid traction, but since they’re deep and wide, it is difficult for dust and mud to accumulate between the ridges.


UA’s Drive 4 has an EVA midsole; the cushioning of this shoe is based on Micro G technology. What is that? You use a foam that is 30% thinner than other foams, reduces the weight of your shoe and gives you court-feel.


This shoe does not have an extraordinary lockdown and basically the lockdown depends on a few factors for its success. First of all, the heel counter supports the upper material and laces, then laces play their limited role and finally, a rather high tongue adds to a good lockdown.


The best thing about this shoe is high quality mesh upper that you can see – spanning from one side to another side, and from toe box to heel counter. Sturdy and abrasion resistant mesh ensures that breathability does not come at the expense of durability.

And now, let us take a look at its drawbacks.

Lacing System is a Failure 

The biggest purpose of a shoe’s lacing system is to complete the lockdown and offer the wearer a snug fit that they need for a day full of game. Unfortunately, this shoe’s lacing system has a very little role in lockdown.

Poor Gluing 

A few customers have reported that the fabric on top of the tow box comes off after some time. It is either because of poor gluing or because toe box mesh and outsole counter each other’s position.

  • Classic Herringbone Pattern Traction
  • Micro G Cushioning
  • Standard Lockdown with Standard Lacing and High Tongue
  • Breathable Mesh Upper
  • Ineffective Lacing
  • Poor Gluing on Toe Box

Bottom Line 

UA’s Drive 4 is among the best outdoor BB sneakers could offer us … they’re just as relevant and high in demand as they used to be many previous years. The biggest reason why outdoor basketball junkies love this shoe is its classic herringbone pattern. Cushioning is also on part with the level of traction. Yet, the lockdown is not as impressive as it should have been.

5. Under Armour Curry 3 – 

most comfortable outdoor basketball shoes

Curry has been one of the most famous product lines of UA; a basketball sneaker that every UA fan would love for its amazing traction, good cushioning and sufficient breathability. Apart from all these pros, it has a unique lockdown system that I’ve not seen anywhere else.

Let us dig deeper and read the most important features of this product.


Curry 3 also has a durable and solid rubber outsole with classic multi-directional herringbone pattern on it. Herringbone pattern is known as the best pattern for multi-directional moves, stability and good group on all sorts of courts. It is in fact this pattern that makes this sneaker a perfect fit for outdoor basketball.


For Curry 3, Under Armour used a handful of their cushioning gimmicks. To start with, the midsole has meta-wing carbon fiber shanks that provide really good shock absorption. Then comes the Charged Cushioning technology; that makes the sole more responsive, more shock absorbing and definitely provides a burst of energy needed for next movement.


This shoe totally owes its awesome lockdown to its innovative lacing system. The asymmetrical lacing gives a lockdown somewhat similar to burrito lockdown. Half of it takes care of the medical side, while half of it locks down the lateral side.


Curry 3 is one of the most innovative high-top basketball sneakers by UA. Take its material for example; Threadborne is a material based on micro-sized, lightweight threads similar to paracord, which ensure breathability with durability. These are high-tension threads so while they are breathable, they’re still very durable.

And this is all about features; let us read the drawbacks of this product.

Insufficient Traction on Dusty Courts 

Although this shoe has a classic herringbone pattern and a solid rubber sole, many customers have reported that traction does not work on dirty courts. Frequent wiping seems to be a must for shoe like this.

Problem with Heel Counter

This shoe has a very large heel counter; while the manufacturers intended it to support the heel and add to overall lockdown, some report that it starts to dig into their skin after a few hour game.

  • Classic Herringbone Pattern
  • Meta-wing Carbon Fiber Shanks and Charged Cushioning
  • Innovative Lacing System Provides
  • Threadborne Upper Material for Breathability and Sturdiness
  • Insufficient Traction on Dirty Courts
  • Heel Counter Digs in the Skin

Bottom Line 

Curry 3 has many innovative features, and although a few customers have reported that after a few hours, traction starts failing on dirty surfaces, the classic herringbone pattern provides the best type of traction available. In terms of cushioning also, this shoe offers more than needed support. However, it is not a perfect basketball shoe, and it has its own drawbacks.

6. Nike Air Versitile II – 

nike outdoor basketball shoes

As the name suggests, Nike Air Versitile II uses Nike Air Zoom unit for cushioning. It goes without saying that in terms of traction as well as cushioning, this shoe would appeal every Nike lover. However, it is actually its lacing system that really impressed me.

Let us read the details.


Nike Air Versitile II has a smart modified herringbone pattern solid rubber outsole. With herringbone and fidget spinner-shaped pattern, the wearer gets a multi-directional traction with minimum chance of getting slipped.


As the name suggests, Versitile II uses Air Zoom unit for cushioning. I’ve already explained what Air Zoom technology actually is. The cushioning system of this sneaker is based on one Phylon midsole for shock absorption and one small Air-sole unit located right underneath the wearer’s heel that gives them a required bounce.


Nike Air Versitile II has an innovative lockdown system depending on Flywire lacing system and a lace-up closure that goes from toe box to the collar. Flywire is a set of internal cables attached to the laces that, when cinched down, provide a real snug fit.


Nike Air Versitilie is breathable and definitely because of the premium quality mesh upper (known for breathability as well as sturdiness), and then there is woven synthetic fiber that makes part of that upper.

Now let us see what disappointed me and the wearers who reviewed this product.

Collar’s Back Digs into Achilles Tendon 

Well, this has not been reported by many wearers, but yes there are those who report that the collar is something between low and mid, this is why it fails to provide much needed support to ankles, and it digs into the Achilles tendon.

Substandard Upper Material

Yes, I’ve actually praised the material as breathable and good quality, but there is a difference between relatively high quality mesh and ballistic nylon mesh. People have reported that their shoes’ upper wore out quickly and detached from the outsole.

  • Modified Herringbone Pattern
  • Air Zoom Unit + Phylon Midsole
  • Flywire Lockdown System
  • Mesh and Synthetic Fiber Upper
  • Collar’s Back Digs into the Skin
  • Upper Material Wears Off

Bottom Line 

As many other shoes on this list, Nike Air Versitile II is also mixed bag of everything. While it offers really good traction and multi-directional movement in outdoors and while cushioning is a good combo of a good midsole and Air-sole unit located in heel, the upper material does not let it be a durable pair of shoes.

7. Nike Air Versitile Nubuck – 

mens outdoor basketball shoes

Nike Air VersitileNubuck is from Nike Air Versitile series. All these sneakers follow roughly the same pattern, a Fly-wire lacing system, a modified herringbone pattern and a Nike Air-sole unit in the heel to provide good cushioning.

Let us take a look at the features of this product.


Just like Nike Air Versitile II, this shoe also has a digitally modified herringbone pattern – part of that is herringbone and part of it is made of fidget spinners-type shape. Definitely a solid rubber sole and semi-herringbone pattern ensure a good grip for multi-directional movements.


This shoe also has the same combo that you get with VersitileII: thePhylon midsole to decrease the level of impact and a visible Nike Air-sole unit right in the heel provides comfort in case of comfort and immediate boost needed for the next move.


Just like Versitile II, Nubuck also has a Flywire system and a lace-up closure that goes all the way from toe box to collar. Due to the internal linking between lacing system and Flywireinternal cable system, wearers get a really good lockdown.


Just like Versitile II, Nubuck also has a combo of high quality mesh and synthetic fiber upper. Mesh covers most of the upper – especially the bridge of foot, and provides really good breathability and quick drying feature. The synthetic fiber covers rest of the part.

And here’s about the most apparent disadvantages.

Not Fit for Clean Surfaces 

That is clearly not a bad basketball sneaker for outdoor, because outdoor surfaces are rugged and dirty, but it is not fit for clean indoor surfaces. You might end up slipping and hurting yourself, unless the sole is properly taken care of.

Substandard Air-Sole Unit

Many customers have reported about Versitile II as well as Nubuck, that their Air Zoom unit is not high quality. In some cases, it pops out and in other cases it might have a leakage.

  • Digitally Modified Herringbone Pattern
  • Phylone Midsole and Nike Air-Sole Unit Cushioning
  • Flywire Lockdown
  • Breathable Mesh Upper
  • Not Good at Clean Surfaces
  • Poor Quality Air-Sole Unit

Bottom Line

Apart from the minimal changes that you might notice between VersitileII and Nubuck, these shoes have almost the same pros and cons. Their traction and lockdown make them fit for every basketball lover’s foot. However, the problem starts with low quality Air unit and how a sole designed for outdoor surfaces, fails on clean surfaces.

8. Nike The Air Overplay IX – 

Nike basketball shoes for outdoors

Nike The Air OverPlay IX exudes Nike’s particular approach towards outdoor basketball sneakers. Standard combo of upper materials, standard solid rubber sole with standard semi-Herringbone pattern, Air unit for cushioning and pretty standard Nike lacing system made to adjust the lockdown.

Here’s everything that you need to know about its most promising features.


This shoe just like many other shoes from Nike comes with a digitally designed, semi-herringbone pattern on a solid rubber sole. However, the difference is that in case of Overplay IX, the pattern shoes wider grooves and ridges, while the pattern remains mostly the same. Definitely best for multi-directional movements!


Unlike the Versitile line, this shoe does not come with an apparently substandard Air-sole unit. This one, although installed at the same place, works good with midsole shaft and help reduce the landing impact and give a much needed launching.


This shoe also has a very standard lockdown for a Nike sneaker; unlike the previous two versions, there is no Flywire innovative lockdown technology to provide the wearer a snug fit, but it’s raised and padded tongue, extensive lacing system and use of synthetic leather play roles in a mediocre lockdown.


The upper material of this shoe is based on synthetic leather and mesh. Mesh covers most of the upper part and thus provides good breathability. The synthetic leather protects the toe box and perforations made in them help increase breathability.

So, this was all about pros; here’s everything about the cons.

Narrow Toe Box

This is the same issue that you will find with quite a few Nike shoes on this list; in order to improve lockdown, they make the shoe hard to put on and definitely end up making a narrow toe box that does not suit to the people with wider toes.

Problem with Glue or Sole

Not one or two, but many wearers have complained that the built quality of this shoe is not up to the mark set by Nike. Take the glue between rubber sole and midsole for example. It has been reported that sole wears off too quickly.

  • Digitally Designed Semi-Herringbone Pattern
  • Air-sole Cushioning
  • Mediocre Lockdown Based on Lacing System and Padded Tongue
  • Synthetic Leather and Mesh Upper
  • Narrow Toe Box
  • Sole Wears Off

Bottom Line

In my personal and honest opinion, this shoe is not as impressive and Nike Versitille, but apart from a few innovations, Versitille had a big problem with Air Unit that you cannot find in this shoe. More or less, it provides a modified herringbone pattern with nice cushioning in the heel and midsole. The only noticeable complaint is in terms of outsole.

9. Adidas CloudfoamIlation Mid – 

affordable outdoor basketball shoes

Adidas CloudfoamIlationis a thing of beauty who are interested in classic white or white and black sneakers made by Adidas. However, the color tone or the style are not the only two reasons why you might want to buy this product, but the smart traction pattern design and the patented Cloudfoam cushioning also make it a Basketball sneaker that everyone would love to have.

Here is everything that you need to know about the features.


In terms of traction, Adidas is not a big fan of classic herringbone pattern; they’re also accustomed to keep trying unique patterns. For this shoe, they followed a pattern style that looks more like reverse herringbone. It is a zig zag pattern that definitely provides good traction for outdoor courts. The ridges are wide, which means that even if there is enough dirt between the ridges, the traction will not be affected


So what is Cloudfoam cushioning that Adidas boasts about? Well, Cloudfoam by Adidas is actually a midsole made mostly of EVA. You can even have Cloudfoam in Adidas sock liner to have a soft and bouncy cushioning right under the feet. This is what Cloudfoam does; it offers you maximum cushioning that you need for your move next to landing.


In terms of lockdown, this shoe is not much impressive; I mean it does the job, but it is just another white or black or back and white Adidas sneaker with real good padding – while all the lockdown completely relies on the lacing system that goes from end of toe box to all the way up to the collar or 100% synthetic leather upper that gives the shoe its well-known grip.


In terms of material, let me say that this sneaker disappointed me. While it is good that all synthetic leather material provided good lockdown in absence of a really good lockdown system, the problem is that it rendered the shoe unbreathable. A sports sneaker cannot be unbreathable. The good thing however is that they made a few perforations here and there is to make it somewhat bearable.

And here is all about the problems with this shoe.

Breathability Compromised

Yes, the all 100% synthetic leather up made it possible for this shoe to have a good lockdown, and yes, there are some perforations here and there, but for any sportsman, a shoe that will keep all the sweat and bacteria intact (won’t let them dry quick), is a bad thing. A basketball sneaker is not supposed to roast the wearer’s feet.

Hard to Put On

While all leather upper made it is easy for the shoe to have a good lockdown, the same makes it hard for people to put on the shoe easily. Apart from difficult in putting this on, 100% synthetic leather takes away the much needed flexibility as well.

  • Unique Zig Zag Pattern Traction
  • EVA Cloudfoam Cushioning
  • Custom Lace-up Lockdown
  • 100% Synthetic Leather Helps in Lockdown
  • Little to No Breathability
  • Hard to Put On

Bottom Line

This shoe can definitely be for someone who just loves Adidas for fun or for their urban lifestyle, but I don’t think that a basketball player, even straight out of the streets, would put this on – and this is because it is not breathable. However, the traction, cushioning and lockdown are all good.

10. Adidas Harden Vol 2 – 

good outdoor basketball shoes

If you really ask for one of the Adidas’ innovative sneakers, that’d be Adidas Harden Vol 2. To start with, it has got some unique fractal pattern that you will not notice in any other sneaker – perhaps even from Adidas. Then comes cushioning and lockdown: simply the best.

Let us take a look at the pros.


Traction is the best part about this shoe; instead of going for herringbone or any classic (predictable) traction pattern, Adidas opted for a unique fractal pattern that is similar to Harden 1, but very different from any other famous outsole patterns. However, this pattern is synced with unique movements of James Harden’s unique pressure on his foot. Well, we know this is the kind of traction that you need in outdoors.


Unlike its predecessor, Harden 2 goes for a cushioning that should be considered one of the thickest Boost cushioning on any Adidas shoe. Alright, but what is boost? Boost is Adidas’ response to Nike Air Zoom. It uses many micro TPU cells that compress under pressure and provide shock absorption, and then they bounce back to real shape and provides a “boost” to the player.


Even in terms of lockdown, this shoe turns out to have its own innovative lacing system that make it easier for the wearer to have just as snug a fit as they want. The molded synthetic materials host the laces, instead of typical eyelets or other solutions. They molded synthetic panels make it easy for players to have a tight lockdown.


The material of this sneaker is a mix of mesh and neoprene – with former covering the larger area of the upper foot. While neoprene is also partly breathable, mesh makes it sure that wearer enjoys very breathable and easy to dry shoes.

And this was it about the features, let us see where this shoe fails to impress the masses.

Inflexible Outsole 

The rubber outsole should be flexible which it is not. Not only the sole does not make those reassuring squeaky noises, but it does not move flexible which makes it difficult for the players to have good multi-directional movements.

Uncomfortable Midsole

Because of an elastic band on it, a few wearers noticed that the shoe feels tighter on the midsole; some of them have even experienced the midsole digging into their feet.

  • Unique Traction Synced with James Harden’s Foot Movement
  • One of the Thickest Boost Cushioning
  • Innovative Lacing System and Housing Panels
  • A Fully Breathable Mesh and Neoprene Upper
  • Inflexible Outsole
  • Uncomfortable Midsole

Bottom Line

If there were some extra points for innovation and creativity, this shoe definitely would have secured most of them. From traction to cushioning to lockdown system; it is all about innovation. And the material – is a very breathable one. Truly a shoe that you cannot complain much about.

11. Under Armour Clutchfit Drive 3 – 

under armour outdoor basketball shoes

Under Armour has got many winner sneakers under its belt, but Drive series has been the most highly sought after series. It comes with a conventional herringbone traction rubber sole – good for both outdoor and indoor courts and it combines UA’s 2 best cushioning technologies.

Let us get to know more about the features.


It is true that UA Drive 3 has a solid rubber sole with herringbone traction pattern on it, but this is not like conventional herringbone patterns. The digitally designed patterns have bigger spikes and there are reverse and forward herringbone designs that are good for a multi-directional maneuver.


This shoe is hell bent on cushioning; this is perhaps the reason why UA has used 2 different cushioning to make the shoe more shock absorbent and pack more thrust to bounce back the player. The Charged Cushioning responds to changing pressure on the shoe, while Micro G foam layer adds to overall cushioning.


Apart from traction and cushioning, where UA guys showed some innovation is in terms of a good lockdown. It is a bear-trap lockdown based on the lacing system that goes from rear end of toe box to all the way up to the tongue. The heel counter also helps the player enjoy a good lockdown.


The upper of Drive 2 was not as breathable as upper of the Drive 3; while it is breathable, the upper of this shoe is still made of synthetic fabric – while not the high quality mesh itself.

And here’s everything about the cons.

Insufficient Breathability

This is definitely an obvious issue. They did not use mesh, and synthetic fabric can only offer very litter breathability if any. A combo of mesh and fabric or mesh and leather is always a better option.

Narrow Toe Box 

A few wearers have complained about the narrow toe box. This toe box leaves little to no place for wide toes to exist or normal toes to move. However, in my personal opinion, while the problem exits, it is not so bad.

  • Semi-Herringbone Pattern on Solid Rubber Sole
  • Combo of Charged Cushioning and Micro G Foam
  • Bear-trap Lacing System Lockdown
  • Somewhat Breathable Synthetic Fiber
  • Insufficient Breathability
  • Narrow Toe Box

Bottom Line 

This shoe seems to be tremendous to me; especially in areas like traction and cushioning. It is hard to say how effective is the bear-trap lockdown, but considering that upper material is not flexible or soft like mesh, lock-down is also fine. The only issue seems to be with breathability.

12. Adidas D Rose 773 III – 

adidas outdoor basketball shoes

As the name suggests, it is not only a basketball sneaker, but a style statement. These are the kind of sneakers that you can wear to a house party or to a game, without wondering what others will think about you. Apart from all this glittering, this shoe has got a real good herringbone pattern rubber sole and Adidas’ unique adiPrene cushioning on forefoot.

Let us take a detailed look at the features.


This shoe has modified versions of herringbone pattern with a few other patterns in it. The solid rubber sole and this pattern help a lot with outdoor game and multi-directional movements.


Unlike Adidas usual choice in terms of cushioning, which is mostly the Boost technology, this shoe uses adiPrene technology. What is adiPrene technology? It is actually a lightweight insole – it can be placed in forefoot or heel, and its job is to give the wearer a bounce right after the pressure ends.


In terms of lockdown as well, this shoe proves to be a breeze of change. It has its own unique lockdown system known as SprintFrame chassis. So what is this? It is a chassis that provides the wearer a court feel that uses gravity to offer better lockdown. It is a mid-foot chassis on the soft material of the shoe, that keeps it close to ground.


As it has been mentioned, the SprintFrame chassis is what on top of the soft and flexible material of this shoe; you can see the chassis that goes all the way from toe-box to the back of the shoe – forming a somewhat heel counter. The material, underneath it (and visible) is leather. The perforations and a little bit mesh used on the bridge of the foot are everything you have for an essential breathability.

And here is a breakdown of the most important cons.

Narrow Shoe

It is hard to tell whether it is because of the SprintFrame or inflexible material, but this shoe is narrow on the inside, and not all, but many users have reported that they end up with blisters and bruises, until they finally broke in the shoe.

Minimum Breathability

While there are perforations made into the leather and a small amount of mesh right on the bridge of the foot, it is a matter of fact, that this shoe is not much breathable; if you’re a player you know that it sucks to have a shoe that is not breathable.

  • Modified Versions of Herringbone Pattern on a Solid Rubber Sole
  • adiPreneMid-Foot Cushioning
  • SprintFrame Chassis Lockdown
  • Material: Leather with Perforations and a little Mesh
  • Narrow Shoe
  • Insufficient Breathability

Bottom Line 

These shoes are good for someone who needs a combo of stylish urban sneakers that can be used on rugged and rough outdoor surfaces. While in terms of traction, this sneaker is good, cushioning – not much. Material fails to impress the wearers, but yes, it provides a good lockdown.

13. Adidas Crazy Bounce – 

best outdoor basketball shoes in 2021

A shoe whose reputation precedes it; yes, it looks crazy and it performs crazy. It is one of those sneakers that you’d put on and leave home with to a party and a basketball match on the same day. With a rubber sole and a full length herringbone pattern on that sole, this is the shoe to go for if you want good traction in outdoor basketball game.

Here’s all the detail you need to know about the features.


As it has been mentioned, this shoe features a full length (toe to heel) herringbone pattern, on a solid rubber outsole. Now this is a perfect device for someone who needs good traction on outdoor surfaces. Its deep grooves and wide grooves eliminate the chance to dirt accumulation.


After Boost, Bounce is yet another cushioning system introduced by Adidas. So, what is Bounce cushioning system? Bounce is sort of an alternative to Boost and it comes with a handful of Adidas Sneakers. It is a midsole cushion technology; as the name suggests, purpose of Bounce unit is to absorb the shock and bounce the wearer back in the air for his next move.


This shoe has good – better than mediocre lockdown characteristics. First of all, with conventional eyelets and conventional lacing system that goes from the rear end of the toe-box to highest point in the collar, you get a real snug-fit lockdown. When laces are cinched down, the bootie and the heel counter clasp the foot from behind and bottom – which adds to the lockdown.


First of all, this shoe is largely covered by the half-bootie construction. As for materials, it is a combo of synthetic leather and foam-backed mesh. Leather is to provide protection to abrasion-sensitive areas, while mesh makes it just as breathable as you need.

And here are the most apparent flaws.

Hard to Put On 

The half-bootie construction and the leather that covers toe, make this shoe a little hard to break in and difficult to put on.

Midsole Causes Pain 

Until the customers fully break in the shoe, whenever they cinch the laces, it causes them pain. Why? Because midsole keeps digging into the foot and that definitely is not a good feeling.

  • Herringbone Pattern on Solid Rubber Sole
  • Bounce Cushioning
  • Half-Bootie Construction and Lace-up Lockdown
  • Material: Combo of Leather and Mesh
  • Hard to Put On
  • Midsole Causes Pain

Bottom Line

This is one of those shoes that you cannot easily down-rank. I mean, may be Bounce cushioning is not as all-inclusive as Boost, but it provides good bounce effect. Traction is perhaps the best, material is very breathable and lockdown has two different styles that make it possible at the same time. Breaking in is an issue and all you need to make this shoe totally yours.

Buyer’s Guide

So, now that you have read about all these good basketball sneakers for wide feet as well as narrow feet – with all kinds of different systems that make them interesting, you want to know what to look for while buying an outdoor basketball shoe.

Here you go:


Traction or grip depends largely, if not only, on outsole of a shoe. Make sure that your shoe’s outsole must be a rubber one – solid or translucent depends on your choice. Also make sure that it has a herringbone traction pattern, because it is considered the best for multi-dimensional moves.


It is the second most important part – cushioning can be on midsole or insole, but wherever it is, its biggest job is to help with shock absorption and a bounce effect for the player. Air Zoom, Boost and Bounce are some of the best cushioning systems.


Every material has its own pros and cons. We like mesh because it is breathable, but fabric and mesh are also vulnerable to abrasion. Synthetic leather or similar material is good for protection, but it kills flexibility and breathability.


Lockdown is all about how well the shoe locks onto the feet and how it remains close to the ground; this is much needed to avoid injuries and imbalance. Make sure that whichever shoe you buy, must have at least one good lockdown feature.

Lacing System

While lacing system plays a major role in lockdown; it should be considered as an important factor by its own. If laces are not your cup of tea, you can go for two or more shoes with Velcro loops that I’ve reviewed here.


Are you an athlete and play club-level basketball? If that’s the case, looks of the shoe do not matter; just pick the one with best specs. However, if you want to impress your friends in a casual house party and want to show off your new sneakers, better pick a pair that will work in both scenarios.

Our Verdict


Now, you must be eager to pick one of the three best shoes that we’re about to recommend. Here is the list.

  • Adidas Crazy Bounce – because it checks all the boxes with really good traction, decent cushioning, best choice of materials (and allocation) and a two-fold lockdown system
  • Nike LeBron Soldier II – because it has a unique hook and loop Velcro straps system instead of laces, it has Air Zoom cushioning, near herringbone pattern on a rubber sole
  • Under Armour Curry III – because it, like rest of them, is made for urban casual style as well as game; it has a big mesh upper for breathability, more mesh on bridge of the foot, classic multidirectional herringbone pattern and for cushioning, meta-wing carbon fiber shanks and Charged Cushioning

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