What is a Field Goal in Basketball?

What is a Field Goal in Basketball

If you want to understand a sport, you will have to go through each and everything related to it. And yes, it is unquestionably not easy to do so as there are hundreds of things that you have to keep track of to know all about your favorite sports. If we take a look at … Read more

Do Basketball Shoes Make You Jump Higher?

Do Basketball Shoes Make You Jump Higher

You might have seen most of the professional basketball players wear specific basketball shoes and also promote them stating their certain abilities and design. So the question that pops up here is, do basketball shoes make you jump higher? Well, the absolute answer only depends upon the style, strength, and the techniques a player is … Read more

What is The Kick Ball Rule in Basketball?

What is The Kick Ball Rule in Basketball

Basketball is one of the most famous and most played sports across the United States. It is actively played, watched, and enjoyed in colleges and universities. With that being said, there are teams at colleges and universities which then derivate to state-level teams. Basketball, like all other sports, is regulated by laws, and each game … Read more

What Does Waived Mean In NBA?

What Does Waived Mean In NBA

If you think NBA rules and regulations are as simple as other sports league rules, then you are totally wrong. In fact, the NBA rules are much harder to understand and get a grasp on. You will need to consider every aspect to understand them clearly. The same goes with the waiving of a player … Read more

What Does Hedge Mean in Basketball?

What Does Hedge Mean in Basketball

In basketball, there are different types of offensive and defensive techniques that are used during the whole game. In actuality, these techniques make the game even more interesting to play or even watch. But these techniques can be tough t understand sometimes. If you are becoming a die-hard fan of basketball or you are planning … Read more