Lifetime Elite Portable Basketball Hoop Reviews [2021]

Basketball is a thrilling game sport for every age. Let it be the kids of the house or the adults, everyone gets completely engaged in this game sport.

For a sport like that, if you are planning to bring it in your own drive away or yard, you will definitely look for something that will bring years of joy for your family. A reliable elite portable basketball system.

A good basketball goal is the one that is resilient, innovative, durable, and long-lasting. Such hoops can serve more than one generation, but only if they can withstand for such a long time.

Nowadays portable hoops are much popular among people. Considering the utility, ease, and usage, portable hoops are an all-in-one package. Just drive it to your favourite location and kick-start your game.

With such high demand in the market, there are several options to choose from. Every product with specific features of its own. It is wiser to go through all the details of the first and then take your final decision.

But do note that, among the hundreds of products available in the market, we have particularly chosen the best three hoops of Lifetime that offer the best features, specifications, durability, reliability, and price. Now it is up to you to choose the best one after checking out their specs and features according to your preferences.

In this review, we will be talking about some of the best BB systems in the market. These hoops by Lifetime, as the brand name implies, are a great companion that can serve you for a very long time.

About Lifetime

Before we jump to products, let us get some basic knowledge about the brand first.

Lifetime is a worldwide trusted brand that aims to create products with great quality, durability, and strength. Most of their products are perfect for beginners or practiced players shooting or just for family recreation.

Lifetime came up with the portable basketball system and are innovators of portable hoops.

Their main purpose is to offer innovative products that are long-lasting and durable. And they have proven themselves with their high-quality products that fulfil their motto.

Best Lifetime Elite Portable Basketball Hoop Reviews 2021

1. Lifetime 1269 – 

Elite Portable Basketball GoalThe first product listed in our review is Lifetime 1269.

It is the perfect combination of best performance and quality at the most reasonable price.

The shatterproof hoop is virtually unbreakable due to its high-quality structural makeup.

The product is designed to provide solid level durability, so it holds up well even after a few years of use.

Shatterproof backboard, strong rim, sturdy portable base, and all weather-resistant, this kit offers everything you need to complete your home basketball court.

lets talk about the features in detail.


The innovators of the portable basketball system came up with this model that provides amazing portability.

Either the scorching heat is troubling you or the noise from the neighbour’s is a problem, just move your basketball hoop to the perfect location and enjoy shooting baskets comfortably.

Shatterproof Backboard

The top feature of this hoop is its shatterproof quality which lets you improve your game of basketball. Practice some professional shots to level up your game, without any worry of breaking the backboard.

Made of Polycarbonate material, the 44 inches backboard is designed to sustain common damages and last longer.

Although it brings fewer rebounding effects, the material used makes it sturdy and resilient.

Height Adjustment

This hoop allows all the young and adults to have fun under it by height adjustment system. It can stretch in the range of 7.5-10 feet.

Set the hoop at the most comfortable height and make the most of it.

Sturdy Base

A portable hoop’s stability depends on its base. The stronger the base, the more stable hoop will stay during the play.

This portable system features a large 27-gallon base to provide the best stability. Fill it with either water or sand and enjoy playing with no wiggles.

Strong rim

This is equipped with a steel class standard nylon rim and welded steel net hook which is all-weather resistant.

This makes it ideal for both indoor and outdoor use as the rim can withstand harsh weather elements.

Fade Resistant Graphics

This goal is designed with fade-resistant graphics that keep your hoop look always new even after long-time use. They last longer as they are resistant to fades.

Steel Pole

The hoop is designed with a three-piece steel pole that keeps hold of the system. It has a 2.75-inch diameter pole, which is strong enough to hold the system stable during those tough shots in the game.

  • Easy to move, sturdy, and cost-effective.
  • One of the cheapest hoops with satisfactory features.
  • Equipped with a standard springless rim which is more responsive to shots.
  • Easy installation process.
  • Long-lasting and durable.
  • Perfect for both indoor and outdoor basketball use.
  • Strong base.
  • Fade-resistant graphics that gives the look and feel of a pro.
  • Powder-coated steel pole which is resistant to adverse weather changes.
  • Some customers complain about missing parts.
  • The filter hole is quite small.
  • Hard to lift and move when the base is filled.
  • Height adjustment is not easy to operate.

2. Lifetime 71522 – 

Elite Portable Basketball SystemEnjoy endless basketball fun in the comfort of your own yard with this Model 71522 by Lifetime. It is one of the top hoops in the market.

Made from Acrylic material, the hoop is designed to reduce all risk of glass shattering.

This model features the largest portable base, strongest rim, the widest pole, and the thickest backboard material of any of their portable basketball systems.

Made of advanced and innovative technology, the model features Power Lift Adjustment which lets you easily adjust the hoop at a specific height.

The strong base of the system reinforces stability and let the game go on without wobbling or buckling.

Whether you want to kick up your basketball game or you just need some extra practice during the off-season, this hoop is a perfect addition to your house.

54-inch Acrylic Backboard

The thick 54-inch backboard of this hoop is made from Acrylic material which provides more high-quality play than polycarbonate backboards.

This backboard, which tends to be shatter-resistant, is always ready to face your powerful dunk shots.

The backboard is steel framed which increases the life of the system since the products by Lifetime are guaranteed to provide long-lasting services.

Pump Height Adjustment

Every portable hoop comes with a height adjustment system. This hoop features it too but stepping up the game, the model has Pump Height Adjustment which lets you adjust the height without much effort.

Just squeeze the handle and bring the hoop to your desired height. It can stretch from 7.5-10 feet to provide fun for every age.

Professional-styled Rim

The Slam-It double compression spring rim of this hoop is made of solid steel. The breakaway rim bounces back beautifully and is highly sturdy and resistant.

The spring is protected with a metal cover which significantly lasts longer than other breakaway rims.

Have a professional feel while playing as the breakaway rim of this hoop allows you to play slam dunks without any worry.

35-Gallon Large Base

This goal has the largest base than any of their other portable hoops.

The 35 extra-large size base provides the stability you want during your play. Fill the heavy-duty base with water or sand and keep the hoop in place and stable.

Powder-coated Pole

It is equipped with a round steel pole that is powder-coated for added stability and performance.

The pole of the hoop is a three-piece steel pole of 3.5-inch diameter. The system remains stiff because of the wide pole used.

  • All-weather nylon net with solid steel breakaway rim.
  • Increased portability as the system is easy to move around because of its two wheels at the front.
  • Powder-coated pole to withstand harsh weather elements.
  • A large base provides more stability and portability.
  • Provides high-quality play with a professional feel.
  • Power Lift height adjustment mechanism.
  • Fade-resistant graphics.
  • Two compression springs on Slam-it rim prevents rusting over time.
  • The three-piece pole system is more likely to shake and be less responsive.
  • Requires maintenance.
  • A bit costly.
  • Upgrades needed after some time.

3. Lifetime 71524 – 

Elite Portable Basketball HoopThe Model 71524 is a high-end product by Lifetime.

A bit costly than other hoops in this range but after using it, you will realize it is worth the price.

The hoop is perfect for driveway play because of its large 54-inch shatterproof backboard.

The heavy-duty base keeps the system stable as a tree during the play, so you don’t miss any chance of scoring a goal.

Drive your hoop to any place you want to kick start your game, as the model is equipped with a rolling base that provides amazing portability.

Enjoy aggressive play and professional shots as this hoop are strong and solid enough to handle those.

The hoop is designed to look and feel like a professional system.

The One-hand height adjustment system makes it easy to adjust the height of the hoop at the specified point.

54-inch Shatter guard Backboard

The 54-inch backboard of this system is made of Makrolon polycarbonate material to offer supreme rebounds. Although acrylic and temper glass offer better rebounds polycarbonate tends to be stronger and lasts longer.

The backboard is strong enough to bear repeated hits and with stand any shatters.

Power Lift Adjustment

Providing ease for their customers, lifetime designed this model with Power Lift height adjustment system.

Even a kid can adjust the height on his own without the need of anyone, by just squeezing a handle.

You can set the height from 7.5 feet to 10 feet.

35-Gallon Heavy-duty base

To keep the hoop in an upright position, it is designed with a generous foundation that can take up to 35 gallons of water.

Fill the base from the hole with water or if you are worried about leakage, you can use sand too. This keeps the hoop stable as a tree during your game.


The hoop is designed with a three pieces square pole of 3.5 inches. The pole has a powder-coated steel finish to resist rust and stand strong in all weathers.

Now you will surely not have to worry about your basketball hoop when it is raining or in other harsh conditions. It will bear all the things and will not be affected by any weather conditions. This thing can also increase the life of a basketball hoop dramatically, offering you the service of many years.

Moreover, the pole can stretch back and forth automatically.

Slam-It Pro Rim

The Slam-It Pro Rim of this Hoop lets you practice your favourite dunk shots without any worry of damaging the breakaway rim. Its slam is equipped with double compression springs so it can spring back quickly. However, it is still not suitable for professional-level practice.

The spring has a cover to protect it from rust. And the ring is made from solid steel. The net wrapped around the ring is all-weather resistant.

  • Roller design allows us to relocate the system easily.
  • Strong shatterproof large backboard.
  • Top-quality construction and design.
  • Made of Makrolon polycarbonate material which is much stronger than acrylic.
  • Powder-coated steel pole to resist rust and weather changes.
  • Powerlift height adjustment system.
  • All-weather resistant net and pole.
  • Fade-resistant graphics that keep your hoop look always new.
  • The hoop has a three-piece pole that isn’t going to be as strong as an in-ground hoop.
  • Little overhang.
  • Customers have complained about the assembling of the model. They complaint that it requires a lot of time and effort.
  • Instructions are not much clear.


When we talk about the best hoops in the market, these Elite Portable Basketball Hoops by Lifetime stand among the tops because of their best performance. They’re highly durable, strong, long-lasting, and reliable.

From beginners to professionals, all basketball lovers will surely love their time with these goals. So, invest your money in these elite hoops without any worry and enjoy a long-lasting companion for your game.

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